Saturday, February 3, 2018

Moondance Records

I gotta admit... I haven't been in our local record store in a very long time.  Since the invention of torrents, youtube and spotify buying vinyl and cds just isn't at the top of my financial list anymore.

Reading the news that Mike Taveroff will be retiring this upcoming April and Moondance Records will be closing its doors, I wasn't at all that surprised.  In fact... I can't believe that they lasted as long as they did.  Now Canada's oldest record store, Moondance has served the Peterborough community for 46 years.  Along with a bit of guilt and embarrassment for not stopping in and saying hello more often comes a flood of memories.

Walking into the original incense smelling store at 249 George Street in the early 80s I knew I had found my second home.  It was the only place in town to find good metal albums

Here is a bit from a piece I wrote in 2010...

"...Growing up listening to thrash metal in the small college town of Peterborough, Ontario was tough. A two hundred pound stamp collector with facial acne had a better chance of a social life. 'Moondance', our independent record store had one plastic milk crate… a cardboard label with the heavenly words scripted upon it “ M E T A L ” Occasionally with enough begging and pleading they would Import a “Music for Nations” release from Europe to place alongside the TWISTED SISTER and POISON albums..."

Although I mentioned in 2010 that we begged and pleaded for Mike to bring in vinyl [Sometimes even making up names of bands just to mess with him :)  "...Ya The Toiletheads... we got that one coming in next week..."]  To give 'Moondance' credit they were on top of new metal releases.  I can say for a fact that 'Moondance' had original european imports for bands like SLAYER, ANTHRAX, MEGADETH, and EXODUS long before anyone in Ontario had even heard of those bands.  Long before some of you were even born.  I remember being 13 years old and buying 'Kill'Em All' for $5 when it was first released.  My life hasn't been the same since.

Thanks to the store... in every high school in town there was a very small group of us metalheads that were discovering these bands for the first time.  The music from that store gave us isolated kids an identity that we could grab onto.  Occasionally we would bump into each other on George St.  I met a couple of guys from my first metal band OBLIVION outside 'Moondance'.   Finding like-minded music fans '...that just get it...' brings an unexplainable feeling that I wish I could put into words.

Our social circle was soon to expand and we all knew that we were part of a much larger scene.  Mike was a older hippy type that seemed to understand us.  He never cared if we just hung out and chatted.  We would spend hours going through the bins dreaming of pay cheques to come.

Local metal bands such as SHYLOCK; STROBIC AXE; RIPPER and KID WIKKID [later became SKID ROW] I am sure all formed as a result of 'Moondance'.

"..."They might as well say the city of Peterborough is closing it's doors..." Sebastian Bach (Bierk) / Skid Row - Peterborough Examiner 2018/02/02

And whenever Toronto bands like DEATH MILITIA or SACRIFICE came through town Moondance was the place to get tickets.  Later when I started booking bands in town Moondance took the time to sell tickets for me all free of charge.  I was always grateful for that.

As time went on Mike watched most of us lose all the denim & leather.  We cut our hair, moved away to find respectable jobs or raise families of our own.  He watched us grow up, and there was always a comfort in knowing that whenever we returned back to downtown Peterborough 'Moondance' was always there and we could always find that rare special jem within the bins taking us back to our youth.

Many thanks to Mike Taveroff, his wife Cheryl their family and all of the people who worked so hard over the years to make the store so great.  Thanks for bringing so much joy to our lives and shaping who we have become.  Gonna miss ya...

Cheers... - Tony Crosgrey

Friday, February 3, 2017

Toronto Punk and Metal Concert Flyers - circa 1980s

There is a book being written called 'Tomorrow Is Too Late - Toronto Hardcore Punk In The 1980's'.  The project [ ] has inspired me to scan some my Toronto concert flyers from my collection and post them online.  The ones with lower image resolution were likely found somewhere on the interweb.  I've tried to put them in chronological order.  Most of them seem to be from circa 1987.  The later flyers have unknown dates.  Enjoy...